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Ashleigh Proud Uses QR Codes to Boost Sales

Ashleigh Proud is a handcrafted enamel business that creates three-dimensional objects inspired by the natural world and all kinds of flora and fauna. The company sells its products online and in retail stores. Ashleigh Proud uses QR codes to boost sales in a number of ways. First, the company includes QR codes on its product packaging. This allows customers to scan the code with their smartphones and learn more about the product, including its materials, construction, and care instructions. QR codes can also be used to direct customers to the company's website, where they can view a wider selection of products and make purchases. In addition to using QR codes on product packaging, Ashleigh Proud also uses them in its marketing campaigns. For example, the company recently created a QR code that customers could scan to enter a contest to win a free gift. The contest was a great success, and it helped to generate a lot of excitement for the company's products. QR codes are a powerful tool that can be used to boost sales for any business. Ashleigh Proud is just one example of a company that is successfully using QR codes to reach its customers and grow its business.

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