My love for enamelling began in 2016 when I was studying for my Masters. During the years I studied, I spent my time learning and understanding various techniques in printmaking and enamelling and I began to find ways of combining the two together.

Enamelling is the fusing of powdered glass to a metal surface; using copper as the base material because it creates the most beautiful range of colours. Beginning with a sheet of copper that is cut, hammered and manipulated into the desired shape and form. It is then covered in the vitreous enamel, the coloured glass is a powdered form and can be opaque or transparent. The enamel can be applied to the base using a variety of techniques such as, sgraffito, painting, freehand drawing, silkscreen, and other techniques.

Each piece is uniquely individual as once in the kiln the process cannot be controlled. Sometimes it is those ‘happy accidents’ that can be better than expected!

Creatively influenced from the world and taking inspiration from objects found in nature. With a particular fondness for flora and fauna that started at a young age with walks in a forest with grandparents and my appreciation for beauty in nature continues today.

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